Soils rethought:
The Swiss Original for Healthy Soil and Strong Plants.

Long lasting fertile soils

Resilient plants and high growth rates

Certified carbon sink

As Europe's first manufacturer of biochar, Swiss Biochar has been offering biochar of high EBC quality since 2010. Together with the Ithaka Institute, we have developed humus-rich soil substrates with activated plant carbon.

Optimally adapted to the needs of the plants, they can be used immediately. Our dark soils are climate-positive products that give nature exactly what it needs.

Swiss Terra Preta:
Four perfectly balanced soil substrates with activated biochar

Plant humus

With 10% activated biochar for a long-term vitalized soil and healthy plants.

Soil activator

With 30% activated biochar for sustainable soil improvement and more success in gardening.

Soil elixir

With 70% activated biochar for sustainable soil remediation and lasting fertility.

Tree elixir

With 70% activated biochar for sustainable soil remediation and lasting tree health.

Swiss Biochar Pure:
Pure biochar for livestock and for self-composting

Pure biochar

Our EBC certified, 100% pure biochar with > 80% carbon content to mix and activate yourself for your soils or for animal welfare as an additive in feed and bedding.

Your Advantages

Sustainable soil improvement and permanently increased storage capacity of nutrients and water

The porous structure of activated biochar acts like a sponge, storing nutrients and water. Important microorganisms that live in nutrient symbiosis with the plants find a perfect living space here. Your plants thus get exactly what they need at any time.

You need to fertilize and water them less. That saves costs and effort - and protects nature.

3x more growth and plant resilience

Swiss Terra Preta products act like a cure for the soil. The fertile earth substrates bring the ecosystem in the soil back into balance. Your plants are thus significantly less susceptible to diseases and stress. And can thrive in the best conditions.

For better growing, more flowering plants and higher crop yields.

Uncompromisingly climate-friendly with certified carbon sink

Biochar holds enormous potential for reducing CO2 levels in the air. Plants bind CO2 in their biomass, but release it again when they rot or are burned. By carbonizing them, the climate-damaging CO2 gas can be permanently bound and removed from the atmosphere - even for thousands of years.

For example: 1 kg of pure biochar binds 2.9 kg of CO2

Biochar replaces peat in our substrates, the decomposition of which is harmful to the climate and destroys entire ecosystems. The composting of biochar also prevents further emissions. In this way, our Swiss Biochar Terra Preta products save further emissions compared to comparable peat-free products.

For example: 1 kg of soil elixir binds 5.54 kg of CO2 ein
(of which 1.015 kg bound in biochar and sequestered as a certified carbon sink)

Active, comprehensive climate protection with a lasting effect.

The original from Switzerland

Swiss Biochar is Europe's first producer of high-quality, EBC-certified biochar, which meets the highest quality standards with a carbon content of over 80%. Uncompromisingly climate-friendly, we focus on sustainable production and always strive for short distribution channels.

Based on our expertise, we have developed a portfolio of highly fertile soil substrates together with the Ithaka Institute: our Swiss Terra Preta products.

The original from Switzerland for healthy soil and strong plants.

This is how you can use our products:

Agriculture and
Specialty Crops

For rich yields today and tomorrow: Our soil substrates are also effective for particularly stressed soils. Swiss Terra Preta is suitable for soil remediation and maintenance as well as for new plantations. Use it directly in fruit & vegetable growing as well as for your viticulture. Or produce your own soil products with our pure biochar Swiss Biochar Pure. Our pure biochar is also proven as a feed additive or bedding for optimal animal health.

  • Increase yields of specialty crops

  • Permanently improve soil fertility

  • Promote animal health and stable hygiene

Growing fruit with biochar
Green roof, unsplash chuttersnap

Green building

Whether it's greening a terrace, roof or façade, the full potential of activated biochar is revealed when space is limited and stresses are high. From greenery to potted trees, our special substrates create the best conditions for healthy, resilient and vigorous plants. Environmental impact is reduced because pollutants and leached nutrients are re-bound in our filtration substrates.

  • Increase health and resilience of urban trees

  • Optimize water and nutrient management on difficult sites

  • Reduce the effort and cost of watering and fertilizing

  • Utilize innovative heavy rainfall management

Landscaping and horticulture

In parks, green spaces and lawns, you can significantly reduce their maintenance requirements in the long term by incorporating our biochar products into the soil. Plants are healthier, stronger and thus much more resilient even when the areas are used intensively - such as on golf courses or sports fields.

  • Creating optimal conditions for trees in both new plantings and reforestation

  • Increase resistance and resilience of plants

  • Maintain more resilient lawns and green spaces

  • Significantly reduce maintenance requirements

Landscaping with Swiss Biochar
Garden maintenance

Discerning garden owners

Whether your passion is for lush flowering plants, trees & hedges, lush green lawns or fruits and vegetables: With our optimized soil substrates you do something good for the environment and your plants. Even on smaller areas such as balconies or raised beds, you can create the optimal conditions for plants - and have more fun and success gardening.

  • Achieve higher crop yields

  • Promote flowering and growth

  • Fertilize less and water less frequently

  • Increase biodiversity in the soil

You would like to use Swiss Biochar? We will be happy to advise you!

About Swiss Biochar

As a Swiss company, we attach great importance to conservation, innovation and quality:

In close cooperation with the Ithaka Institute, we have been doing pioneering work in the field of biochar and substrate production since 2010. Swiss Biochar, for example, was the first manufacturer to produce high-quality biochar in Europe and the first company ever to receive EBC certification for this.

Our substrates are produced in elaborate composting processes that we have specially developed alongside the Ithaka Institute. These substrates are subject to ongoing, strict monitoring by independent institutes, allowing us to guarantee the highest quality soil substrates.

Since 2021, we have been part of the NovoCarbo Group, with whom we share the same values and convictions. Our joint expertise has enabled us to optimize our product range for a wide variety of applications - from viticulture to greenery and balcony plants.

Merger with NovoCarbo

New planting of the Plain de Plainpalais in Geneva with our tree elixir

EBC Certification

Founding of Swiss Biochar
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